Restless Love (Songs from Under the Bed)

by Jayne Hendricks and Thom Brack

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Releasing this and 'Waiting for Victoria' this month. Two anthems out of 'Songs from Under the Bed' to honor finding my little sisters and brother, Lila, Robin and Jeff, after a life time of searching. Finding Lulu music projects created for sibling search.


(Songs from Under the Bed)
1984 - 2016

The dove's a weary traveler
his wings are torn and tattered
The night is cold
the sand gives no shelter from the storm

Your heart it is the prisoner
Your reason is the jailer
The sailor knows the question; "where?"
The answer; "everywhere"

Restless love drives me on
Restless love out of control
Restless love I can't explain
Restless love I can't remain
In the body and the soul
Restless love will take control (it's toll)
Restless love, is it love, at all?

The sailor he's a he-man
believes he is a free man
He pursues his demon
and leaves his woman behind

Your soul it is the sleeper
Your body is the keeper
The preacher's dedicated
to keep them separated
His faith is jaded today
But he gets paid to pray

Restless love drives me on...

Love will run its course (natural forces)
All the inside sources will tell you that any stranger will suffice
after you break the ice - it's easy
Love will take its toll (out of control)
And that kiss you stole makes it
hard to be anything but easy prey
When nothing gets in the way - it's easy

Restless love...


released February 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Jayne Hendricks and Thom Brack San Francisco, California

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